Best Wooden Ice Cream Maker

The wooden ice cream makers bring back memories of slower and easier times. People were used to everything taking time but the reward was high quality products.

Making ice cream used to be a social event. It was mainly due to the high level of manual labor needed to crank the handle.

It took numbers of laborers to produce ice cream with a wooden ice cream maker. The secret to making ice cream in a wooden ice cream machine is the melting point (making ice colder) of ice with salt.

A canister is submerged in the ice salt combination and churned by hand. The churning does several things, it keeps the mix from freezing in to clumps, it keeps the mix from separating, and it transfers the cooling temperatures throughout making freezing time shorter.

A crank is attached to the top of the canister and secured to the bucket. The crank spins some paddles in the container stirring the mix inside.

It would take a few people to keep the machine churning and since only one person can churn at a time there is a lot of time for conversation.

Fortunately the finished product is so wonderful it is worth the pain and wait. The reactions on your family members’ faces will be worth all the sweat you put in to making fresh, healthy, unique ice cream made by you!

Ice cream is first credited to the Chinese and date back to about 3000 B.C. It is believed they used fruits and either shaved ice or mountain snow.

It was much later when Marco Polo, after returning from his sail to the East, is believed to introduce the Italians in the West to this early form of ice cream.

Although there are earlier reports of Roman Emperors enjoying similar treats centuries before Marco Polo was even born.

The Italians, being fond of sweets, took the concept and made it their own by making it creamier and the predecessor to what we now know as ice cream.

Ice cream remained a rare delicacy until 1800 when insulated ice houses were invented. This made ice and ice cream available year round. Industrial manufacturing of ice cream followed shortly after.

Top Wooden Ice Cream Machines


Aroma Housewares 4-Quart Traditional Ice Cream Maker, Fir Wood


Fully based on a traditional design this wooden ice cream maker will bring on the nostalgia. While it can be used with the traditional manual crank, it has an electric crank so you won’t feel exhausted by the time your ice cream is ready to enjoy.

It may have the convenience of an optional electric crank but freezes the ice cream mix the traditional way, through ice and rock salt.

Simply put the container and mix in the bucket, add ice and rock salt, attach the electric crank and it is simply a matter of minutes before you can enjoy your home made fresh ice cream.

Every batch can be a unique creation. Never have to eat the same flavor ice cream more than once.


  • Easy to use
  • Optional use of electric crank means no need for Sweat-equity
  • Easy clean up


  • Messy brine that needs disposal
  • Bucket may need “seasoning”
  • Manual crank has plastic gears

We rate this Wooden ice cream maker 8 out of 10


Back to Basics IC10801 4-Quart Wooden Ice-Cream Maker


This wooden ice cream maker has the somewhat involved process to freeze the mix. The hassle is well worth the quality of ice cream produced.

As with any wooden ice cream maker the wooden bucket should be seasoned or soaked first causing the wood to swell and prevent the brine from leaking out.

To speed up freezing, it is always helpful to put the metal canister and dasher in the freezer saving the time to cool them. The automatic timer will alert you when it is time to enjoy your fine ice cream.


  • Easy to use electric crank
  • Traditional design
  • Timer with alarm


  • Messy brine that needs disposal
  • Bucket may need “seasoning”

We rate this Wooden ice cream maker 9.5 out of 10


Rival 8550-X 5-Quart Wooden Electric Ice Cream Maker


This 5 quart wooden ice cream maker mixes traditional freezing methods with contemporary design and ease of electricity.

The motor will shut off when the correct level of freeze is reached. Fill the bucket with ice and rock salt easily with the new motor design allowing a larger uncovered opening.

The plastic bucket is light weight making this a great ice cream maker to take to parties or BBQ’s.


  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Natural pine wood bucket
  • Fully automatic


  • Paddle plastic parts
  • Metal shavings in ice cream

We rate this wooden ice cream maker 7 out of 10

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