Best Commercial Ice Cream Makers Review

Everyone has a memory of standing in line at the local ice cream shop on a warm summer evening anticipating the delicious creamy frozen delight.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer wafer or sugar cone, cup, ice cream sunday or with other toppings, the foundation of ice cream is the most important part. The word ice cream just brings a smile to your face.

Most people don’t know that this cold creamy treat is believed to be invented by the Chinese around 3000 B.C.

At first it was just flavored ice but from there the idea was tweaked. It is believed that ice cream moved west after Marco Polo returned from his travels.

The Italians were introduced to this treat and adopted it as a favored desert. While Italians like flavored ice, they evolved the recipe to make it creamier and what eventually became what we know today as ice cream.

There are reports that Roman Emperors were enjoying similar frozen treats centuries before Marco Polo started his first voyage.

Either story being true, ice cream was considered a luxury or rare delicacy until the insulated ice house was invented around 1800. Then ice was available year round and ice cream could be made and stored in any temperature.

Ice cream has many varieties, especially if you include the original form of shaved ice (no cream involved).

Soft serve ice cream first appeared in the 1930’s. There is a little uncertainty over who actually created soft serve ice cream.

One version is that Tom Carvel brought soft server ice cream to life. The story started with a flat tire. He got a flat tire on his ice cream truck one day.

He was going to lose his entire truck full of product if he didn’t get rid of it. He pulled over and started selling the melting ice cream out of his truck to people vacationing in the area.

It took him two days to sell it all. Over that two days he realized that having a fixed location and selling soft instead of hard ice cream could be profitable.

His first store location was in the exact spot his truck broke down. The second version of the invention of soft serve ice cream is that Dairy Queen, a father and son company claims to have created the recipe for soft serve ice cream. Both stories seem realistic and are the dawn of commercial ice cream shops.

What makes soft serve ice cream different from hard ice cream is in the fat content, the temperature it is stored at, and air content.

The air content can vary between 0% – 60% of the total volume. Air content is what changes the flavor. The less air in the soft serve ice cream mixture the more ice flavor the ice cream has.

Ice cream with more air tastes creamier and whiter in appearance. The general consensus is that around 33% – 45% air to total volume is the ideal mixture.

The temperature that soft serve ice cream is stored at is to keep it in semi-solid state. As for the fat content, well that is pure personal preference.

Top Commercial Ice Cream Makers


Commercial 2 Flavor and Twist Soft Serve Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt / Gelato / Sorbet Machine – 50 Quarts / Hour


Make up to 50 quarts an hour of soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or sorbet at your establishment.

This durable stainless steel commercial ice cream maker has an auto consistency control. There are two 1 HP drive motors and has a 2 HP air cooled compressor.

There is a 3 year warranty on the compressor and 2 year warranty on all other parts. The size is 57” High x 22” Wide x 30” Deep


  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to use


  • Only serves two flavors and a twist of the two
  • Large space required

We rate this commercial ice cream maker 9 out of 10


MegaLane Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine, Soft Ice Cream maker, Frozen Yogurt Machine 12L / Hour Single Flavor


This high tech machine will not only serve delicious soft serve frozen treats but it has an accounting system to record the number of dispenses per day and total number of dispenses.

You will be able to track demand over time, fluctuations in seasons, and costs much more efficiently.

There is a digital LED display to show the temperature of the hoppers, the amount of ice cream you sold and value of production process.

To prevent over freezing there is an indicator to alert when the mix is low. The machine goes in to standby when the desired hardness is reached or there are long periods of no-use.

There is no need to empty the machine nightly with a precool auxiliary. The machine measures 30.7” high x 27.6” wide x 24.4” deep.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate record keeping with accounting system


  • Smaller output per hour

We rate this commercial ice cream maker 9 out of 10


Commercial Table Top Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker Making Machine Frozen Yogurt Machine 2+1 Mixed Flavor 18-25L/Hour


This smaller machine is a power house making 18 – 25L / hour of ice cream. This Embraco (Aspera) brand machine is very durable and stable.

The compressor is separate to keep and maintain the mix cool during long no-use periods. It is fully adjustable hardness and softness ability.

To prevent over freezing there is a light alert to notify you when the mix is low. It measures 720 deep x 880 wide x 1040 high (mm).


  • Small in size (Table Top)
  • Easy to use
  • Good size output per hour


  • Imported from EU

We rate this commercial ice cream maker 8.5 out of 10

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